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For many people, losing weight is as difficult as trying to stop smoking. You need to develop the right mindset to achieve a permanent weight loss. Just like distracting yourself when you have that urge for a cigarette, the meal generator and diet help provided by the STRIP THAT FAT diet plan will have you eating healthy foods to begin your weight loss quickly. It also contains little secrets to help you stay focused on your mission…a healthy, permanent weight loss.

This permanent weight loss program will help you understand the nature of dieting and provide you with suggestions for eating the right foods, in the right quantities and at the proper times. It guides you in your healthy weight loss and gives you encouragement when you feel like you want to just give up. No one can "diet" seven days a week every week… there will be times when you cheat. However, occasional cheating does not make you a failure at dieting, it just makes you human!

In order to reach your ultimate goal, you must take several steps, but you can’t do everything all at once. You obviously need to start out by defining your long term target weight, or how much total weight you want to lose. That final result may seem like an impossible task, so next you need to define a first-step, short term goal. This goal should be reasonable, something that you can attain in a couple of weeks or in a month. When you reach this small, short term goal, you’ll give your morale a boost and give you the drive to continue on to your next goal. With multiple short term goals that you can achieve, and results that you (and others) can see as you progress, you will eventually reach your long term goal without the feeling of being on a diet "forever".

As you set each short term goal, you’ll change your eating habits to achieve that permanent weight loss by replacing "The 10 WORST foods" in your diet with "The 10 best foods" available. You’ll make these changes slowly, so you aren’t overwhelmed by the new lifestyle that you will come to like, and you’ll appreciate the way you feel better, lead a more active life and in general, enjoy each day as you continue to improve your health and well-being.

Bill is studying nutrition to help himself, and many others, gain control of his weight and continue his new, healthier eating habits. New articles will be forthcoming with diet and nutrition information to add more variety to your diet plan so you’ll enjoy eating healthier from now on.


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