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It is a question many want answering and the good news is that there are several answers to the question that could help you. Healthy eating and exercise are of course the methods you will here mentioned the most but is there anything that can make it happen faster?

Something you may not have tried before is adding specific products to your diet which can help your body to digest food faster and increase your metabolism. Coconut oil, flax seeds and apple cider vinegar can all do this and are also highly nutritious.

Using these 3 products regularly will therefore lower the amount of time it takes for your body to get rid of belly fat. If used properly you can start seeing results from adding these simple products within a month and the results will also be lasting ones. They all also have health benefits.

To really advance the level at which you get rid of belly fat there is also a diet which gets great results and fast. The diet is called calorie shifting and it works by increasing the level at which your metabolism works. The best thing about the method is that it is extremely simple to stick with and at no point involves almost starving yourself.

Instead it works by manipulating your metabolism by eating different calorie values for each meal and each day plus eating 4 meals a day to keep it working at all times. Usually your body gets used to a routine and slows or speeds up your metabolism accordingly which is why many diets suddenly grind to a halt. Thanks to the constant change in your eating patterns though, calorie shifting continues to work for as long as you like.

There is also a plan which includes a menu generator which helps if you are one of those who think they would struggle to come up with 4 meals a day. You simply put in the types of food you like and a menu will be designed especially for you.

Most users of the calorie shifting diet record results of at least 8 pounds of weight loss every 2 weeks and many claim even greater results. If you really want the best ways to burn fat fast then you won’t find better ways than the ones in this article.


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