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Easy weight loss is possible and is best achieved by making simple lifestyle changes. One of the quickest ways to do this is to is to find ways in which you can decrease your daily consumption of calories, without going hungry or severely restricting your diet.

If you are having problems maintaining weight loss, easy steps are what you need! First you need to assess what you are eating each day and identify the best areas in which you can cut back. Write down everything you eat for a week and then note all the items you eat or drink on a regular basis. Which of these are high in calories and could be replaced with a low calorie alternative?

Start with what you drink. Tea and coffee with milk or cream and sugar will add a lot of "invisible" calories to your diet. So try cutting back on the sugar – this is something you can do gradually, for example if you take two teaspoons per cup, cut back to one and then to a half for a few days before eliminating it altogether. If you have a very sweet tooth, you can use a sugar substitute, but bear in mind that these are not usually a healthy alternative. Another trick is to cut back on the number of cups of tea or coffee you drink by replacing every second cup with something else, such as a herbal tea which you can drink without milk or sugar or with plain water.

Many soft drinks are high in sugar content and if possible you should replace these with water or herbal drinks without sugar. Beware of fruit juices, which often have more calories than you might expect, but without the fibre content of the fruit itself. And products labeled fruit juice drink usually have added sugar – so watch out for the added word drink, which sounds so innocent.

This is a good point to introduce the concept of label reading, which will help you recognize hidden fats and sugars which find their way into so many of the foods we eat on a regular basis. Even foods marked low fat may turn out to have as many calories per portion as the regular type. If you are tempted to buy low fat ice cream, for example, just take a look at the fat, sugar and calorie content of both low fat and regular and you may be surprised to find that there isn’t much difference. When you aren’t aware of this, it’s easy to eat larger amounts of the low fat variety and ending up eating more calories than if you’d had a normal sized portion of the regular ice cream.

If you are stuck in your attempts at weight loss easy ways to cut calories is an effective technique to get you back on track.


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