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Tacfit CommandoTacfit Commando is the system developed by fitness expert Scott Sonnon and is based on previously non-disclosed methods that those in the special forces use to build muscle using nothing but their own bodyweight.

The workout outlined in the program are fast, efficient and intense, and are designed so that they can be done anywhere and anytime. The workouts take 20 minutes and use a method of periodization to help prevent injury and speed up recovery. Tacfit Commando comes as a downloadable eBook and includes specific video to show you exactly what to do, as well as a number of other bonuses.

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What Do You Need Before You Can Start Using Tacfit Commando?

The best part of this system is that there is no need to use any equipment in order to fully maximize the benefits of this program, unlike most other bodyweight training systems that typically require pull up bars, resistance bands and stability balls etc.

The video library is filled with very detailed training videos that make every exercise very easy to understand. Scott explains how different users should use different types of movement sophistication based on their own body fitness to reap the most benefits from his training program.

What Kind of Results Can You Expect At The End of Tacfit Commando Training?

Scott models every training exercise and diet plan that he includes by following the plans used by elite commando units. Also, because Scott understands the differences between the living patterns of a civilian compared to a military person, he also changes up some aspects of the training that make it more convenient for any civilian to execute.

Most people, just like myself at the beginning, are very curious about whether we would gain any muscle when we go through the program. The answer is that it will give you some more lean muscle although that is not the main purpose of the Tacfit Commando Program. The main purpose is to condition your body with functional muscle that is useful and not just good looking.

The focus of the program is on the kind of workouts that can help you boost your physical ability to a whole new level. It is a program made up entirely of bodyweight exercises where you won’t need any equipment for any of the workouts. Moreover, as the schedule of the ones that uses (soldiers, navy seals, etc.) this program is tight, the workouts are very short but they make up for it in their intensity. The workouts in this program can be very challenging for someone who’s used to standard weight lifting. It involves a lot more movement, flexibility, and core strength.

Tacfit Commando workout are divided into different levels so you can progress gradually through the exercises. Each exercise is explained and shown in detail, so you can easily learn the proper form and technique. Anyone, regardless of fitness level, can use the program because it has difficulty levels directly programmed into it. So, even though it can be brutally hard, the beginner level routine will work for anyone who is healthy enough to exercise.

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