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When you first come across the Tacfit Commando workout program you may not feel so sure about what it is and how it’s supposed to work. Is it for real or is it merely hype? Does Tacfit CommandoTacfit Commando Review really work? Read on to discover the truth…

This is no easy yes or no answer to this question and the reason is that you need to define what ‘works’ means for you. A lot of people have misconceptions about what this program can actually do and what it was designed to help you accomplish. To make sure you’ve got the right impression about it, let’s just summarize what Tacfit Commando is supposed to be and what it’s not supposed to be:

1. Tacfit is not a muscle building program and it’s not a fat loss program. However, both of these things can happen as a result of the intensive workouts that you do while on this plan. It is just not the focus of the plan. You do need to be aware that this is not a program to help you get huge. The muscle mass you may build with it will be lean, elongated and functional.

2. This brings me to what Tacfit is supposed to help you become: more athletic and physically able. Tacfit is promoted as a workout plan that is used or is very similar to what is used by soldiers and special ops units from around the world. Naturally, soldiers do train in more ways than just these workouts but the idea behind this statement is that this is a program designed to enhance physical ability. It is not a “get you to look better” fitness plan but one which is designed to make you perform better.

3. Tacfit exercises are designed to build up your strength, stamina, flexibility, recovery ability, and fitness. It uses body weight exercises alone to achieve this.

Now that you know what this program does, let’s see whether Tacfit Commando works: As long as you’re clear on the actual possible goals of this plan: to build up fitness and new physical ability and strength and you’re clear about it not being a muscle building program than the answer is yes, Tacfit does work. It’s an intensive workout plan that can really get you to a new fitness level as long as you do all the workouts. However, if your main interest is just looking bulked up or you’re just trying to lose a few pounds, I don’t think you need this plan.


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