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Strip That FatStrip That Fat is a revolutionary new diet system on the market that claims to show you how to burn fat using a simple diet plan. One of the features that marks it out from the others available is that it provides you with a plan for every phase in your fat burning goals. Strip That Fat is not a quick fix diet program. Its objective is to get you in the habit of eating healthier. It is one of the top online dieting programs on the market today.

Strip That Fat is a very easy plan that is based around eating delicious, healthy meals, preferably combined with moderate amounts of exercise. This program is a simple but very effective weight loss system that gives you many foods to eat as well as a great diet generator that will give you a wide variety of foods that you like and also keep the diet interesting so that you do not get bored eating.

This diet consists of 3 phases:

Rapid weight loss Phase: 14 day diet with custom created diet menu for super fast wight loss which can be repeated any number of times to lose weight fast.

Sustained weight loss phase: Must follow easy step by step dieting tips and rules for reaching desired weight within a reasonable time without any adverse effects on health.

Maintenance or Lifestyle phase: Easily practicable instructions as to how to prevent weight gain after reaching desired weight.

Strip That Fat Diet Plan comes with a diet generator. This diet generator allows you to create a diet based upon the foods you like to eat and the ebook is a comprehensive diet program that includes a strong eating and exercise component as well as a way to transform your relationship with food.

Using the diet generator, you will create a diet plan that combines both your weight loss goal and your favorite foods into a customized plan. Rather than eating three big meals a day, this program will have you eating five small meals throughout the day so that your metabolism is in a constant state of caloric burn.

You can generate as many 2 week meal plans as you would like which is great if you have a lot of weight to lose. Being able to change you menu will help to keep you from getting bored with the food choices so you can stick with it a lot longer.

Exercise is an integral component of the Strip That Fat weight loss system. You will learn how to exercise in the proper way that allows your body to burn more calories and increase your metabolism. With Strip That Fat diet, the fat will melt off your body and will become more of a lean, toned and sculpted appearance.

Strip That Fat is a simple and solid plan that gets you started quickly and sets you up for successful weight loss and maintenance. It provides realistic goals, is easy to follow and is ideal for those who prefer a wide variety of tasty foods versus packaged options and meal replacements. The Diet Generator will save you loads of time figuring out your healthy meal plans and provides an enjoyable way of eating that actually works and keeps you on track.

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