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SizeGeneticsSizeGenetics is a penis enlargement system that was developed to increase the length and girth of the penis naturally. This penile extender was originally developed by a team of doctors as a safe alternative to penile surgery, but now it is used as an effective method for permanent penis enlargement that is safe to use.

This male enlargement system uses a two-step approach that combines a high quality penis extender with the #1 rated penis exercise program (PenisHealth) into one complete system. Size Genetics claims that by combining two different enlargement methods into one system, men can greatly increase their speed and level of results.

The SizeGenetics system has been rated the #1 penis enlargement product in 2005 and 2007 by consumers, and has been featured in the May 2008 edition of GQ Magazine as the “best way for quick and permanent penis enlargement.”

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How Does The SizeGenetics System Work?

Penis Extender – The extender works by assisting your body’s natural ability to grow under physical influence by using the principle of traction. While your penis is being exposed to gentle traction, the cells in your erectile chamber will divide and then multiply to accomodate for the steady traction.

This process increases your erectile tissue mass which results in a much longer, thicker, and harder penis. In addition to increasing size, this device is also very effective for straightening penile curvatures as well.

Penis Exercises – Included with SizeGenetics is a penis exercise program (PenisHealth). This program includes different techniques that target different areas of penis enhancement such as length, girth, hardness, penile curvatures, and ejaculation control. Penile exercises can take as little as 7 minutes a day, and are a great complement to the Size Genetics extender. Combining these two methods give this system a well-rounded approach.

How Can You Benefit From Size Genetics?

  • Up to 3 inches increase in flaccid and erect penis length
  • Increase in penis girth
  • Harder and firmer erections
  • Firmer and longer lasting erections
  • Increased sexual stamina
  • Unwanted penile curvature correction
  • Substantial savings (at least $4200) compared to surgery
  • No risk of surgery complication or failure
  • No risk to purchase (6 full months Money Back Guarantee)

Does it enlarge penis naturally?

Yes, principle of traction also used to grow bigger penis, is well-documented and medically used technique to help with healing process after injuries, burns or in traditional orthopedic medicine. Penis extender specifically, uses a carefully measured traction force to create a gentle expansion pull. This opens up more spaces between penile cells, which naturally start to divide and multiply to fill in empty spots.

The biggest advantage of SizeGenetics Device is really a comfort that lets you maximize your penis gains. The intelligent traction control allows you to apply significantly larger tension on your glands to keep them enlarging (not withdrawing).

The results come in a week and you will see the changes made to the head of your penis and diameter.

In addition note the SizeGenetics Extender comes with a several helpful bonuses, such as a step-by-step penis enhancement workouts DVD, a sex information DVD, and online access to Lovecentria (sexual techniques program). These bonuses give you added in value for your money.

These ensure that the supreme confidence from your bigger penis extends in to greater confidence in the bedroom. You can have a bigger penis and know how to use it to give her multiple orgasms every single night.

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