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Metabolism is the process of burning calories. Metabolism burns it off fat and you burn calories no matter how many meals a day you eat. That’s why it is an essential part to weight loss because the higher metabolism you have the easier it is to lose weight.

Increasing metabolism is a fairly simple concept if done the right way. It is better to eat 6 or 7 meals a day rather than eating a couple big meals. Eventually you will lose weight gradually because you are giving your body time to burn off whatever you are eating rather than having to burn of a complete meal.

Basics Of Metabolism

Catabolism and Anabolism are the two main parts of metabolism.

Catabolism breaks down food to give you energy. Catabolism is can also break down protein and use it for energy also.
Anabolism is where your body uses up its resources to create energy to be used. Your body uses this whenever you eat protein and later on that protein being used up during some kind of activity.

Important Factors Dealing With Weight Loss

There are many factors which effect weight loss which people might already know but never apply. The most important factors would have to be the foods you eat. Anything organic is good and healthy for you. Stay away from harmful chemicals like fast foods. Make sure you maintain a healthy liver because your liver is the main organ that processes everything. Eliminating fat cells is crucial to burning fat and can be done by eating apple cider vinegar. Stay clear from any processed foods or any foods high in sugar and fat. Always exercise because a healthy diet will not do much if you don’t exercise to burn the fat. Last but not least stay true to your diet and your goals and focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle in which you can lose weight to achieve your goals.


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