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As more and more people are now classified as overweight, natural weight loss tips, rather than fads and gimmicks, are crucial to help them deal with the consequences. With the percentage of adults who are obese currently at around 35% in the major developed countries, despite an endless supply of diet books in the shops, it seems that dieting is not working. Everyone knows that eating less and exercising more are the ways to lose weight, but if that is so, why are so many people overweight and why is obesity on the increase?

There are many reasons which result in unsuccessful dieting. If you cut down too drastically on calories, your body will think there is a famine and will adjust accordingly, which means you’ll need to eat less to maintain your current weight and even less if you want to lose it. So radical diets are clearly not the answer and certainly not part of a natural weight loss program.

Most overweight adults and teens want to trim both for health reasons and so that they will look more attractive and consequently feel better about themselves. The basics of healthy eating are fairly straightforward, but most people are either unaware of them, or not prepared to follow them. Losing weight following a programme of natural eating will also help you avoid health problems in later life, many of which are the result of incorrect nutrition.

Young children who haven’t been exposed to junk food will naturally choose the food which contains all the nutrients they need. But although we are all born with this ability, most of us lose it very early and therefore have to retrain ourselves.

One possible approach to losing weight naturally is to eat a diet that is high in complex carbohydrates, high in fiber, moderate in protein, and low in fat. In addition, if you eat little but often, you will find that you don’t get hungry as easily as you do if you stick to three larger meals a day. You should avoid processed foods where possible and focus on vegetables, especially the leafy green variety – which is where you’ll find the complex carbs – lean meat and poultry, fish and fruit.

Remember, if you want to lose weight naturally, you have to be aware of everything you eat and do your best to avoid food containing additives and refined ingredients. Natural weight loss means choosing the healthiest options possible. You will also need to exercise more, but this can be a natural process as well. It is more natural for us to walk than to travel by car. Obviously, this isn’t always possible if you have long distances to travel to work each day, but it is important to walk wherever and whenever you can.

Our ancestors were a lot more active than we are and they didn’t eat processed foods. So adopting a more natural way of life is not also better for you, but will enable also you to achieve natural weight loss.


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