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And it is not that these weight loss pieces of advice are unusable or even unhealthy. It is just that someone’s dieting methods may not be as effective in your case. The same does not work equally well for all people. So, it is very important to recognize the truth behind most dieting pieces of advice. Below you can read 3 popular weight loss myths.

Myth One: You don’t have to look at the number of calories

You definitely have to count the calories in your meals: that will help you lose your excess pounds. Dieters tend to focus too much on physical exercise and forget about the calories they consume. Do not rely one estimating your calorie intake. Instead of that, each day keep track of what you consume, the corresponding number of calories, as well as your physical activity. To make things easier when quantifying your physical activity, you may wear a pedometer. Start doing it every day. Do not do it just occasionally. Discipline is important when you are on a diet. Sure, this isn’t easy. However, if you wish to lose some weight, this is an important thing to do daily.

And don’t forget that a calorie is a calorie no matter if it is protein, sugar, or fat. Still, some foods have a higher number of calories than others. That means that they have more calories per one ounce. Carbs and protein contain the same calories per ounce. Fat, however, has twice as many; therefore, the calories found in fat add up much quicker. Have fatty foods – dairy products, meat skin, and different fatty meats – in moderation. Now, you should aim to decrease the intake of fatty foods, but you don’t have to stop eating fat. Fat increases the sense of fullness.

Fact: Counting your calories is a good practice

Myth Two: Never miss breakfast

If you get up at 6 am, you don’t have to have a big breakfast right away. You’re probably not even hungry shortly after you got up.

You don’t have to jump start your natural metabolism. You just have to think of your eating during the day, so that you’re not starving later on. It’s best to have your breakfast within two or three hours of waking up. If you wake up at 7 am, have something by 10 am. Have some cereal or a piece of fruit. If you don’t eat by 10 am, you will be starving by the time you finally go to lunch, and then you’ll most likely overeat. Keep in mind that what counts is your total daily calories.

Fact: Eat some time during the morning

Myth Three: Eat 3 times a day – don’t snack

Once again, it is all about calories. You are free to eat 3 times a day or six times a day, as long as you have the same intake of calories. However, you should have at least 3 meals during the day. That structures your daily eating; therefore, you won’t become too hungry. And if you are eating six times a day, you won’t be having 6 full meals.


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