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In the early morning, you’re ready for the work you have time to enjoy green tea this wonderful Cup. The holidays have just and due to the little over pleasure we all do passed are, you have increased a few pounds. Now you have heard that green tea has significant advantages to your health, but now ask yourself "this cup can drink tea I help?" "Me lose weight am" and "Darn right can!" heard you say this little voice in the corner OK, so you do not hear the voice in the corner, but the fact remains, is a great way green tea, to help you to lose weight

So, this tea is the "new of weight loss miracle?" Not by a total but there are many studies and offers evidence that many advantages, the green tea from China which is to weight loss say. Since tea was green of consumed Chinese for many reasons, and in recent centuries has become a very popular way to weight in our markets as also to lose.

Why is green tea as effective in losing weight? It has to do with the nature of the processing. The tea leaves are steamed so that enzymes remain the diet with little intact depreciation at very high temperature. The fermentation is bypassed when processing in contrast to the processing or Oolong black tea. Once through the process of the tea leaves are rolled. It is said, the tightness of the role is the character of its quality.

How does this tea in the reduction of weight to help? We count the ways:
Have you heard of the term "Thermogenesis"? It is the rate with which your body burns calories. How about a substance called Catechin, which (it comes from the polyphenols, a family in plants extract) is found in high concentrations in this tea. Research has shown that Catechin can cause weight loss by stimulating the body to burn calories and decreasing body fat. Some studies have found, that the rate of the Thermogenesis can increased up to 4% will be within a period of 24 hours.

Green tea can act as a regulator for glucose. After a meal, level, which can result in so-called insulin spikes see an increase in our blonde sugar our body. These spikes produce an excess of insulin, which promote the storage of fat. Research has shown that Catechin can the amount of fat absorption by not allowing the fat cells, include the glucose to limit.

So are you a morning coffee drinkers say with cream and sugar, or for some double – double? Or you are a speciality coffee drinkers enjoy a few FRAPPUCINO, mocha or Dappa in the morning? You you know how many calories to your daily usage with this add-on? Do you have the phrase "of the lips to the hips"? But you will tell me your caffeine boost in the morning and the only way you need to it with the coffee and when I drink it have, why not enjoy this specialty flavors? Now, if you are to the most important calories in the morning to remove and still your caffeine and enjoy additional health benefits to, you should perhaps try, switching to green tea. It is possible certain is a big difference in the waist in a few weeks terminate.

As mentioned above, green tea is not a weight loss miracle. Don’t expect that by going out and eat 2 big Mac at McDonald’s and then drink 2 cups of green tea you lose weight. It’s not happening. They must have still a proper diet and supplemented it by all the wonderful effects won by green tea to your diet.


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