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If you need quick weight loss tips because you want to lose the belly then please read ahead and follow my 5 useful tips for fighting the flab quick.

1. Eat only 2 meals and a snack. So, have your usual breakfast and lunch but only have a snack in the evening and make sure it is before 8pm. You may feel yourself going a bit hungry towards the end of the night but this is one of the best quick weight loss tips. Why? Because when you go to sleep, any excess fuel gets converted to fat. Its your body’s way of conserving fuel for later use in times when food is not easily available. In today’s modern world, food is easily found so we don’t need to store any food like this. It is far better to eat less at the end of the day, so the body burns fat instead of adding to it.

2. Colon cleansing – this is one of the easiest quick weight loss tips to follow. Did you know that we store several pounds of undigested waste in our colon that has built up over the years? This is a result of our modern diets but is easily removed by a colon cleanse which you can find at a health clinic. Gallons of water are passed through the colon and this waste is gotten rid of in this clean and non-messy method.

3. HIIT – also known as high impact interval training, HIIT is when you jog for 30 seconds then sprint for 30 seconds, then repeat the process for 15 minutes. If you do this at the beginning of the day you will burn pure fat and this is maybe the best of the quick weight loss tips that I can recommend but its also the hardest. Nevertheless, you won’t find anything else more effective.

4. Avoid certain carbs – this is another one of the easiest quick weight loss tips there is because it doesn’t involve cutting down the amount you eat. If you avoid “bad” carbs like rice, potatoes and bread you will lose a lot of weight. This is because this food is considered unnatural and a modern day invention. Some people also call it “stodge”. This food is great in wartime or famine but when food is plentiful you should avoid it as it will make you fat. Thus, when you cut it out of your diet you can lose weight very fast.

5. Lose the junk. If you think that you can lose weight quickly but still eat many chocolate bars and chips then you are kidding yourself. In fact, I advise that you do not eat the so-called healthy chocolate bars – you will just be prolonging your desire for what is essentially an unhealthy food. Instead of eating these “healthy” bad tasting alternatives, just eat the real thing but only once in a while. You’ll find this much more satisfying.


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