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Are you, despite the increased amount of exercise, not losing weight, but instead your appetite grows and you are gaining weight? Follow the six rules, which will not undermine your effort that you put into workout, but you will with these rules only increase the effect and the success will surely follow.

The problem for many people, that start with recreation or exercise is, that they also become hungrier, and then calories, lost during exercise are gained back with meals. Your body needs "fuel" for exercise, and the source of this "fuel" is of course food. Unfortunately, the rule says that if you want to lose weight, you have to consume less calories, than you burn with exercise, because only then the body starts to burn fat. There is a solution though! Instead of food, after which you’ll soon be hungry again, eat rather one that will keep you satiated. Follow the six rules and you will be sated long after your meal.


Every day eat at least 20 grams of fiber, which can be consumed by eating grain, fruit, vegetables, legumes. Fibers prolong the feeling of satiety, because the food is digested slower, they detoxify the body and accelerate the process of weight loss. Plus, they also regulate digestion and lower cholesterol.

"Good" fats

Between good fats include monounsaturated fatty acids and omega-3 fats, which are obtained in nuts, avocados, olive oil, some fish and yes, even in black chocolate. The latest survey showed that these fats can help to stay sated long after you have finished your meal. The participants who consumed more omega-3 fats (more than 1300 milligrams per day) stayed sated longer than those who consumed less of these fats (less than 260 milligrams per day).


Every day we have to ensure adequate amount of proteins, if we want to stay healthy and vital. These are in fact extremely important building blocks of cells, which help us to maintain muscle mass, which in return support our metabolism and help burn calories. Not only that, proteins provide a sense of satiety and therefore we can control our food intake efficiently. Low fat protein can be found in white meat, fish, soy, legumes, nuts…


Water is not only suitable for cleaning toxins from the body, but contributes to better feeling in general. Not only that, it gives you the feeling of satiety. Has it already happened to you, that you came home hungry and thirsty, and after you drank a glass of water you immediately felt better and also you were not hungry anymore? People often think that they are hungry, but are in fact dehydrated. However, since water is non-caloric, you can enjoy it in abundance. Of course, the effect will be entirely different if you drink sweet drinks. They have a lot of calories and raise your blood sugar levels, so they will make you more hungry.

Green Tea

Green tea can be presented as one of the most common representative of weight loss teas. This tea lowers blood sugar, which is extremely important in weight loss, because you must have low level of blood sugar and it has to be constant. Otherwise, you will become hungry again very soon. Not only that, after drinking green tea, the level of blood sugar will remain lower, even if we eat some food again, because green tea lowers the glycemic index of food by 20 percent. Research has shown that people, who drank green tea, spend an additional 70 calories a day. Therefore it is most advisable to drink tea in the morning on an empty stomach. Combination of tein and caffeine helps to burn fat and improves metabolism by four percent. Don’t go crazy though with green tea. Three to four cups a day will be enough, because an excessive amount can cause insomnia and restlessness, as well as excessive discharge of water from the body and therefore loss of minerals.


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