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Every Other Day DietEvery Other Day Diet is really a true lazy persons dream. Not only has it been tested to help you to lose fat, you can even consume your chosen foods while using the plan. That is something you can’t complete through almost every other fat loss programs.

The dieting method itself, known as EODD Diet, was developed by Jon Benson and Janis Hauser. An advantage of the plan is it is true to life reliable tips. The diet plan uses real food to boost your metabolism and trick your body into burning its own fat as fuel.

This diet puts an end to calorie counting and starvation, and keeps your body out of the `starvation mode` that packs on excess weight.

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Exactly how does this work? Simply put, it is a diet consisting of “calorie shifting” or “calorie cycling”. This is where you eat a lot of calories one day and very little the next, tricking your body into believing that it isn’t being restricted but it is. One day you’ll be able to eat all you want, whatever you want and the next you’ll cut calories considerably by eating high protein meals. It is said this helps to maintain metabolism so the body can continue to lose weight while burning fat.

The diet cycles from “burn days” to “feed days”. A feed day is when you are to consume the recommended daily calorie intake plus 50% more. You’ll eat the foods you love, but by controlling portions. On a burn day you’ll drastically reduce your recommended daily calorie intake to 30% to 50%. You’ll eat high protein meals on those days. Some may choose to fast replacing a feed or burn day, this isn’t part of the plan nor recommended.

The good news with that is that there is no sacrificing. On the days you can eat what you want you’ll be able to go ahead and eat those chips, candies, and even fast food if you choose. But you want to do this with control and moderation. It won’t help if you eat a week’s worth of calories during one feed day. This will only hurt your chances of success.

The plan is good for those who are unsure on what exactly they should be eating as it comes with a food plan. This will tell you plainly what you should be eating and just how much of it. There are even some recipes included for meals and snacks that many find helpful. That allows some a guideline that helps them pick and eat the right foods more easily.

There are three programs that come with this plan. It is recommended to start with the first, the Primer. This is the most flexible and you are allowed to eat whatever you want every other day. The next step is the Lifestyle which allows two “feed days” only where you eat whatever you want. The third is for the bodybuilders and athletes and the strictest of all, the Extreme.

Who is The Every Other Day Diet for?

Every Other Day Diet Plan is for anyone wanting to shed a few excess pounds, or even those with a lot of weight to lose. Good candidates for the Every Other Day Diet are:

  • Those who have struggled with obesity and major weight-related health problems
  • Those who have had some extra weight creep up on them over time
  • Anyone who wants to feel better and have more energy

Why you’d be interested in using The Every Other Day Diet

Some of the benefits and advantages of this plan include:

  • No Starvation
  • No Calorie counting
  • You get to eat real food, and lots of it

Our final verdict on The Every Other Day Diet

Every Other Day Diet is a good choice for men and women who are tired of trying and failing with conventional diet plans. Many who have tried this diet plan have found great success with the information presented and the added support system is pretty impressive.

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