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Eat Stop EatEat Stop Eat is unlike any other fat burning program on the market. This effective and unique program was designed by Brad Pilon, an expert in the field. The Eat Stop Eat program combines intermittent fasting with weight training. This ensures that you lose fat and not muscle, so you get fast results that last, which is what you want in any fat burning program.

Brad Pilon is nutrition professional with over seven years experience in the nutritional supplement industry. He lives in the greater Toronto area and is the author of Eat Stop Eat. This diet plan is a 77 page book that discusses the principles and application of intermittent fasting. To give you a short understanding, the quickest and easiest way I can put it is that IF (intermittent fasting) eating styles mean you eat a large amount and then you don’t eat for a while. That is, at its core, the basic principle of IF. How long between the fasting windows and the nutritional guidelines for such is where you can hit a variation. Brad Pilon’s book presents his take on the subject and supports it with study and anecdotal information. It is informed and thought provoking especially to those who have a hard time thinking out of their eating time window box.

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Is Eat Stop Eat Effective?

Eat Stop Eat Diet bases its results on fat burning and increasing HGH levels. It is launched by its creator Brad Pilon as an alternative to all those confusing methods of losing weight existing today, which make people give up early being so complicated and hard to follow. The program is not a diet that you need to follow to the letter; in fact it is nothing more than a simple course that teaches you to eat giving you basic guidelines.

How Does Eat Stop Eat Work?

In order to lose weight and fat without losing muscle mass, the reader has to fast twice per week and follow a simple weight training program. The whole deal is actually pretty interesting and attractive because you are allowed to eat anything you want, fast two days per week and train a little – which is both good and effective. You practically avoid all confusing schemes and you can keep eating the things you like.

The fasting routine of two days per week is something that prevents the body from getting into a starvation mode. The goal here is to lose fat without losing muscle mass and the Eat Stop Eat Diet is based on this principle; it aims at increasing the metabolism by increasing the production of human growth hormone, which is one of the best and most effective fat burners in our bodies.

While on the Eat Stop Eat diet, the dieter should also see an increase in natural fat burning hormones. The diet is also designed to be simple and straightforward, without any “weird supplements” or “special foods” involved in the process. With the short fasting periods built into the diet, Brad Pilon claims that the reader will lose fat rapidly, without burning any muscle.


• Easy to use and understand ebook. The entire program isn’t long or difficult to read. You can begin applying it almost immediately.

• The program is very flexible since you can choose your fasting day according to your own schedule. On other days you get to it pretty normally.

• Brad Pilon provides good customer support. I tested it and sent him a few questions. The email responses were very prompt.

• The testimonials of Eat Stop Eat are impressive. People succeed in losing weight with this program.

Eat Stop Eat Diet Plan is really simple to follow, and there’s no more carefully weighing out food or following a complicated routine. It’s really flexible too, so you can still enjoy your food and go out for meals, and you won’t be obsessing about what you’re eating.

Eat Stop Eat is a fantastic plan, and it teaches you how to change your whole lifestyle to be healthier and more flexible with food. You’ll never want to go back to overeating again, and best of all, the weight stays off. And it’s fat loss too!

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