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Cheat Your Way ThinCheat Your Way Thin is a revolution in diet programs, and promises incredibly fast weight loss in just a matter of weeks. This new concept in dieting is based on the ability to trick your body into thinking it must burn calories faster than what you are taking in. In fact doing this you end up super charging your metabolism, something no other diet achieves.

The diet program created by Joel Marion. This best seller’s main principle is to make sure that calories are burned. Burning more calories than usual helps in quickening the weight loss process, and also leads to more effective results.

What Is Cheat Your Way Thin

According to Joel Marion, the brain behind the program, the best way of losing weight is by cheating your diet routine. His program teaches you why you have to “cheat” in order to burn fat at the maximum rate possible. This method of dieting deceives your body into believing you don’t need high calorie restrictions. Most other diets use methods to keep calorie intake low, which makes the metabolism quickly slows down as a defense mechanism against possible starvation. That is why old-fashioned dieting will work at first, but then losing weight becomes more difficult or it even reverses.

This program allows you to still eat your favorite foods, but it doesn’t equal an excuse to overeat. You have to eat your favorite foods in a timely manner, meaning decreasing calorie consumption for 6 days and then on the 7th day you get to eat any type of food without restriction. In that manner, you will fulfill your cravings and your body will be fooled into believing that you are not on a diet. Therefore, your metabolism won’t slow down, letting it burn more fat for longer time periods. It definitely is a tricky way of losing weight.

In addition to the program, it teaches a different approach in timing your exercise routines, even though you’re on a cheating session, inorder to speed up the rate of fat loss.

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What makes Cheat Your Way Thin different?

Many are simply tired of hearing the exact same things being instructed in other weight loss programs. Most of the online weight loss programs have diets that only generate short term results. The disadvantage with short term results is that the weight or the fats the exerciser or the dieter has lost tends to return in only a matter of months.

An interesting thing with Cheat Your Way Thin is that it was created by Joel Marion during a struggle with another diet which was useless beyond words. Joel Marion, before, was forcing himself on a diet which only ended up frustrating him even more. The other diets he has tried only made him binge out on products which were advertised by the very same program. In short, if people are not careful, they could end up getting scammed.

These online weight loss scams are as useless as they can get because they were created in just a snap of the creator’s fingers. The plans were not well laid out, and everything was a haze.

Unlike these scams, Cheat Your Way Thin took five years to be finally finished. The diet plans were researched and were very well thought of. The diet plan associated with Cheat Your Way Thin makes the dieter lose weight without having to give up indulging in his or her favorite food. Binging out is most definitely out of the question, but still, Joel Marion, through the Cheat Your Way Thin program, tells its followers that those irresistible treats can still be eaten and still lose the flab.

This Cheat Your Way Thin plan is really easy to follow, and tells you exactly what you need to do to plan your days and get the best out of your food. It’s great to be able to check your progress as well, and is a fantastic motivator. I highly recommend the Cheat Your Way Thin program especially if you are like me and find it hard to stay off some of those naughty ‘treats’ that leave you craving to the point that you just end up giving up the diet altogether otherwise. You definitely lose weight anyway with this unique program and get to still enjoy life. It really is the best of both worlds!

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