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Cheat Your Way Thin

Cheat Your Way Thin is an eating plan published by certified personal trainer and nutritionist Joel Marion which teaches users how to lose weight while indulging in their favorite foods. Users can eat their favorite foods in order to help them lose weight.

This program is Developed by Joel Marion. He is respected personal trainer, nutritionist, and author with 10 years experiences. This program is a compilation of his personal experiences in trying to lose weight. After 5 years of research and fine-tuning the materials in this program, Joel comes with a formula that can help people losing weight but have a problem with their diet habit.

Cheat Your Way Thin is founded on the concept of strategic cheating and is based on the most recent facts and findings about the regulation of bodyweight and metabolism. This means that you can actually pump up your metabolism by eating your favorite foods on a regular basis. Incorporating bursts of strategic (planned) cheating with your diet plan will make sure your body is at its optimum for burning fat and maintaining muscle gain.

The program is designed to trick your body into thinking you aren’t dieting when you actually are. When you go on a calorie-restricted diet, it doesn’t take long until your body begins fighting for every ounce of your body fat. In other words, your body kicks into starvation mode, which includes decreased metabolism and stalled fat loss. The longer you diet, the more your body resists your weight loss efforts. If you have ever dieted before you’ll be all too familiar with this, it’s also known as a weight loss plateau.

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In addition to this innovative eating plan, Cheat Your Way Thin addresses how to get thin by strategically timing your exercise sessions around your cheat sessions to accelerate your weekly rate of fat loss.

Cheat Your Way Thin is different from other programs because it really does allow you to "cheat" your way to fat loss by eating more of the foods which on other diets would not be allowed. This is extremely important because most people are unable to maintain a weight loss diet because it’s just too hard and they start dreaming about all the foods they are missing out on. No doubt many people give in to their temptations and stop the diet giving the excuse that it was "too hard". Cheat Your Way Thin allows you to get your fix of the foods you love and lets you lose weight in the process. It is a much easier diet to stick to in the short term and the long term.

Simply put, you are required to regularly indulge in all your favorite foods in order to achieve your maximum fat loss.

In addition, the program has a tremendous psychological impact because it removes the feelings of guilt, discouragement and decreased motivation that we associate with cheating while on a diet. Looking forward to enjoying pizza or chocolate cake is a huge motivator when dieting, especially when you know it’s helping your weight loss efforts!

There are some terrific tools to help you get started and support you throughout your weight loss. You will learn, in Cheat Your Way Thin, exactly how to keep your metabolism running at precisely the right speed. Joel’s program proves that dramatic weight loss can be achieved by working with your body and avoiding any potentially dangerous starvation diet.

The pack includes the main manual, two audio sessions, 1 video, reference cards, a workbook, success journal and checklist.

If you hate dieting, but feel you need to diet to gain control over your eating habits in order to lose weight, this is a great plan to follow. You will still get to enjoy eating delicious food in every phase of this diet, plus indulge your food cravings to your hearts desire. This one’s a winner.

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