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Carb Rotation DietCarb Rotation Diet is a actually a good weight loss program that allows you to lose weight in a newer, more innovative way. Basically, this program includes many little known weight loss facts that you haven’t heard even before. It also includes some great exercises that will allow you to lose up to 15 lbs or even more in just 30 days or less.

Carb Rotation Diet was created by Jayson Hunter a registered dietitian and Head of Research and Development for Prograde Nutrition. Also called carb cycling, this method aims on changing the amount of of carb calories you consume day to day. In cycling carbs, a dieter will be able to avoid or decrease metabolic slowdown that usually occurs with many fad diets. Metabolic slowdown happens when you lack certain or specific nutrients in your body . Your body then reacts to this change and believes it is starving therefore burns less calories to sustain itself. The reason why a lot of people only begin losing weight in the beginning of the diet but gets it back soon enough.

This is a comprehensive diet plan with special sections for men and women. There are no gimmicks, no magic pills or dangerous fat burning techniques. Rather the carefully designed meal plans stimulate the body to lose fat. The diet plan works very quickly, and the body fat starts dropping within the first few days. It’s well laid out and easy to follow, and the quick response is a motivating factor in itself.

Carb Rotation is based on a simple principle: you need to cycle your carbs by changing how many carbs you eat from one day to the next. This allows you to cut down on your calorie intake without causing metabolic slowdown. This helps you not only to lose the excess weight you have on now but also helps you maintain your weight loss into the future for many years to come.

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There is a 3 day eating cycle which you need to follow:

1. On day 1, you eat very little carbs.

2. On day 2, you increase the amount of carbs you eat and maintain a medium level.

3. On day 3 you can eat a larger amount of carbs.

Of course, your carbs should be healthy ones. Don’t think that you can eat whatever you want. However, you don’t need to starve while on this program as you do get to eat a reasonable amount of food each and every day and enjoy a wide variety of possible dishes.

Benefits of The Carb Rotation Diet

  • Calorie intake is not restricted all through the diet plan.
  • No ban on caffeine or alcohol.
  • Dieters can gradually increase the calories they consume.
  • Dieters can get back to their normal diet for one week after following the diet plan for three weeks.
  • The break period for the diet can be as per the dieter’s choice.
  • Body metabolism is not affected during the dieting period.

With the carb rotation diet, it is not necessary to starve or ever feel hungry. It is important to keep track of the days of the cycle however, because it can be easy to make a mistake and confuse the low carb and regular carb days. Make sure you are eating the right type of carbohydrates and during the optimal eating hours. The carb cycling diet takes a great commitment, but if done properly, the results can be amazing.

This diet is for people who can faithfully follow a detailed eating plan for 30 days, and who are ready to take their eating choices and nutritional health seriously. Calorie cycling is a proven weight loss method that works, and you can easily learn to do this at home.

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