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The Alkaline diet is a diet that is designed to help you achieve optimum health. The theory behind it is that the human body was designed to run Alkaline. Just like a car is designed to run on gas. The body can run on acid but in order to do so it is going to have spend time and a lot of energy neutralizing or balancing that acid. The body does this using sodium bicarbonate or Baking Soda. The body takes sodium bicarbonate from your bones and other places where it is needed to neutralize the acid and achieve balance.

There are many alkalizing foods recommended for the alkaline diet. Today, We will take a look at some these to get an idea of what you should be getting more of in your alkaline diet. Alkalizing foods are foods that help to maintain alkalinity within the blood.

Noticed how kids can just go on and on running about and playing all day without tiring? You were that way too, once. But now that your energy diminishes way more quickly, and acid alkaline diet is just the thing that could bring back your body’s vitality. But what is an acid alkaline diet exactly? Alkaline DietAlkaline FoodsAcid Alkaline Diet This kind of diet has been defined in so many ways that it’s hard to separate what’s fact and what’s made up. To put it simply, it’s an eating program that involves foods that leave an alkaline residue when they’re digested. It extensively promotes keeping a diet that is mostly dominated by fruits, veggies, legume, nuts, roots, and tubers.

When I first heard about the Day Diet PlanDay to Day Diet31 Day Fat Loss Cure by Vic Magary, my instinct told me that it was a gimmick. The name seemed hyped up. I got a copy of the program to review it and see whether it offered any value at all. My first reaction was one of surprise. By the name I thought that this would be some lame eating plan which promises an effort-free weight loss with little or no chance of delivering. It was quite clear that Vic Magary isn’t the sort of man who believes in getting anything without having to work for it. The workouts this program advocates are not for people who aren’t ready to make an effort.

The Every Other Day Diet tries to provide a weight loss process which will allow regular people to lose weight in the most enjoyable way. Unlike other diets which tend to deprive you of practically anything you like to eat, the Every Other Day Diet tries to do things differently, taking into account the psychology of weight loss and not just the physical aspect. Diet That WorksEvery Other DayEvery Other Day Diet You see, diets which are depriving by nature also tend to cause you to experience severe and harsh cravings. They not only put pressure on you physically but emotionally as well. One of the main reasons why people fail on diets is due to cravings.

Fats are what most people hate. Aside from being unhealthy, it gets people’s body out of shape. That is why it is not anymore a question these days why a lot of them almost kill themselves and starve to death just to make these ugly fats out of the system. Burn The FatExercises to Burn FatBurn Fat Feed Muscle However, the disappointing part is, no matter how hard they seem to get this out, still, nothing seems to take effect. Good thing that today, a new yet untiring and never strict approach to weight loss has been discovered. Thanks to burn the fat feed the muscle program, weight loss goal is given a new hope and perspective.

Reducing weight especially losing abdominal fat seems to be everyone’s plan in recent times and the challenge many of us face when confronted with this situation is knowing what to do. Finding the right method on how to lose belly fat quick can be overwhelming due to the many offers, diets and products out there that are promising you the success within just a few days of using them. Nonetheless losing abdominal fat should be a natural procedure if you need to stay strong and healthy. The Diet Solution ReviewDiet Solution Plan- Diet Solution Program Numerous programs frequently placed you on catastrophe diets for quick weight loss at the cost of your well-being.If you really have planned to lose belly fat quick in a very pure and efficient way, The Diet solution program is the choice of many reviews and expert in weight loss.


Essentially, anything green is going to be good for you. The darker the green the more of an alkalizing food it is. Greens like spinach, kale, chard, collard, and dandelion are going to be some of the most alkalizing foods. The more you eat the better you will look and feel on the alkaline diet. I like to start my day with a green smoothie. I take a bunch of spinach, kale, and chard then blend it all up with some fruit and flax seeds and enjoy!


Wheat grass juice is far and away one of the most alkalizing foods for the alkaline diet. This stuff is literally jam packed with nutrients. On a molecular level, wheat grass is almost IDENTICAL to the human blood. That just blows my mind. Wheat grass contains all 8 essential amino acids. It contains 13 non-essential amino acids as well. It is jam packed with vitamins,minerals,chlorophyll and phytonutrients. If you are looking for alkalizing foods for the alkaline diet, look no further. Other grasses have similar benefits barley.


When I first started the alkaline diet I was on a tight budget and couldn’t afford a lot of food. One thing that I started doing that I would recommend is growing my own sprouts. Sprouts are another valuable alkalizing food for the alkaline diet. They are considered to be biogenic which means that the energy and strength of the plant growing from a seed to a sprout is transferred to the human body when you consume them. Sprouts can be easily grown and added to your salads for the alkaline diet. Using sprouting jars you can easily grow a ton of sprouts in as little as 5-7 days. My personal favorite sprouts are broccoli sprouts and alfalfa sprouts. I am also partial to mung bean sprouts.


Water, water, water, and then more water. Drinking lots of water is extremely good for you and can also help in alkalizing the body. I did a test recently. I went to a natural stream near my house at a high elevation. I filled up a water bottle. I came home and tested the PH of the water. It was extremely alkaline water. I then proceeded to test the PH of the water I normally drink which is reverse osmosis water from a local water company. This water was acidic.


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